Thursday, December 30, 2010

Card Party

Last night we went to a card party at my brother and sister in laws house.
Yes, that's what us ranch folk do for fun...get together and play cards.

The kids had fun playing board games.

The Little Lady got to hang out with one of her favorite people, cousin Sydney.

They have two little puppies.
Yes, they are crazy. (Not the puppies, my brother and sister in law.)
But, they have five kids, so really what's a couple of puppies thrown into the mix?!?

Love their names...Peyton (as in Manning) and Tebow (as in Tim).

It was a fun night filled with lots of food and fun.

Many of us played Pitch.

Some of the men played Poker.

I am happy to report that John Wayne only dug into my purse to steal money once!
And he ever brought some money home!

The Little Lady had fun playing with all of her cousin's toys.
Did I mention there are five kids?!?
Five kids = LOTS of toys!

Tomorrow night we're supposed to go to another card party at Wild Horse for New Year's Eve.
Yep, we're regular card sharks here in the trailerhood.

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